A history of John BalliolEdward Balliol, son of King John of ScotlandThe House of BalliolDevorguilla of GallowayThe Scottish patriot Andrew MorayJohn the Black Comyn, Lord of Badenoch


The Battle of AgincourtThe Battle of Ashdown - on 8 January 871The Battle of CarhamThe Battle of CrécyHistory of the Battle of CullodenThe Battle of FalkirkThe Battle of FloddenThe Battle of Halidon HillThe Battle of LargsThe Battle of Loudon HillThe Battle of Neville's CrossThe Battle of AlnwickThe Battle of BarnetThe Battle of Blore HeathThe Battle of BosworthThe Battle of Edgecote MoorA history of The Battle of Hastings 1066A tour of Hastings battlefield and Battle AbbeyThe Battle of Hedgeley MoorThe Battle of HexhamThe Battle of Lincoln 1141The Battle of Losecoat FieldThe Battle of Ludford BridgeThe Battle of Mortimers CrossThe Battle of NorthamptonThe First Battle of St. AlbansThe Second Battle of St. AlbansThe Battle of Stoke FieldThe Battle of TewkesburyThe Battle of the Standard - 1138The battle of TinchebraiThe Battle of TowtonThe Battle of WakefieldThe Battle of OtterburnHirstory of The Battle of Stamford BridgeThe Battle of Stirling BridgeBattles between the Monarchs of EnglandThe Battle of Brunanburh, fought in 937The Battle of Worcester and the Escape of Charles II


Scotland's Hero King, Robert the BruceElizabeth de Burgh, Queen of ScotsJoan Plantagenet, Queen of ScotlandJames the Black DouglasBlack Agnes, Countess of Dunbar and MarchSir Andrew MurrayIsabella of Mar and RobertThe Heart of Robert the BruceRobert the Bruce 1306-1329David Bruce II, son of Robert the BruceThe House of BruceMarjorie Bruce, daughter of Robert the BruceEdward Bruce, High King of IrelandJohn Comyn the Red, Lord of BadenochRobert de Brus, 5th Lord of AnnandaleCompetitors for the Crown of Scotland


Celtic Tribes of BritainThe Brythonic Celtic People - History of the CeltsUrien Rheged, also known as Urian, the son of Cynfarch OerOwain mab Urien, king of North RhegedThe Celtic Kingdom of DumnoniaA History of King Arthur - Fact and LegendHistory of the The Roman Conquest of BritainCartimandua, Queen of the BrigantesThe Battle of Caer Caradoc - Caractacus' last standAmbrosius Aurelianus, or Emrys Wledig.The Dark Age Battle of Mount BadonIron Age Hill forts in BritainHistory of Boudicca, Queen of the IceniHistory of the Lindow Man, Andy MouldA history of the Religion of the Celtic people.A history of the The Brythonic Celtic LanguagesVortigern, History of the fifth century high-king of BritaiUther Pendragon, the "Terrible Chief-WarriorCassivellaunus a History of the Celtic chieftainCoel Hen or Coel the Old, the son of TegfanThe history of the Celtic king CunobelinusHistory of the Roman VerulamiumHistory of Roman BritainThe Celtic people - a complete history of the CeltsHistory of St. Alban, an early convert to ChristianityCommius, King of the AtrebatesHistory of the The Battle of Watling StreetHistory of CaractacusThe Celtic ReligionThe Celtic Tribess, History of the Celtic tribes kings and QueensHadrian's Wall was constructed by the Emperor HadrianMaiden Castle History of Castle and surrounding areaThe mysterious Celtic kingdom of RhegedThe Battle of Edgehill - 23rd October 1642

Crown Jewels

The Crown Jewels - Tower of LondonColonel Blood and the theft of the Crown Jewels


King Duncan I of ScotlandA history of Alexander IIA history of Alexander IIIMargaret 'the Maid of Norway'A history of St. MargaretThe House of DunkeldHistory of David Earl of HuntingdonHenry of Scotland, Earl of HuntingdonMaud of Huntingdon, Queen of ScotlandDonald III and Edmund of ScotlandDonald III and Edmund of ScotlandKing Duncan II, King of ScotsHistory of King Edgar of ScotlandHistory of Alexander I 'the Fierce'David I, son of Malcolm Canmore and St. MargaretA history of Malcolm IV 'the Maiden'William the Lion, son of Henry and Ada de Warenne


A history George Lewis, or George I as he was later knownCaroline of Ansbach - Queen Consort of George IIThe House of Hanover - History of the Saxon kings and QueensSophia, Princess Palatine of the RhineSophia Dorothea of Celle, daughter of George WilliamSophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-StrelitzThe porphyrias are a group of disorders connected with the production of haemCaroline of Brunswick born on 17 May 1768, the daughter of Charles WilliamAdelaide of Saxe-Meiningen was born on 13 August 1792 at Meiningen, in ThuringiaPrincess of Wales Augusta from the house of Saxe-GothaWilliam, Duke of Cumberland, the second son of King George IIHistory of King George IIThe story of Caroline Matilda, Princess of Great BritainThe family of George III and Charlotte of Mecklenburg StrelitzPrince Edward, son of King George III and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz,Mary Adelaide daughter of Adolphus Frederick and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-StrelitzHistory of the The FitzClarence FamilyMaria Anne Fitzherbert, child of Walter Smythe of BrambridgePrince Ernest Augustus, son of King George IIIPrince Augustus Fredericksixth son of George III and CharlottPrince Adolphus Frederick son of King George III and CharlottePrince Octavius, son of King George III and CharlotteGeorge William Frederick, the future King George IIIPrincess Sophia, daughter of King George III and CharlottePrincess Mary was the fourth daughter of George III and CharlottePrincess Amelia daughter of King George III and CharlotteEdward, Duke of York and Albany, son of Frederick, Prince of WalesPrince George Frederick Augustus, the eldest son of George IIIHistory of William IV son of George IIIQueen Victoria, One of the most endearing of the English MonarchsContinued History of Queen VictoriaThe eldest son of George, Prince of Brunswick-LunebergPrincess Charlotte of Wales, only daughter of George IV,


Cinaeth, known as Kenneth MacAlpinKing Dubh - Scottish MonarchsColin King of ScotsKing Kenneth II, Cinaeth MacMaelcoluimConstantine III, or Caustantin MacCuilenKenneth III, King of ScotsKing Malcolm IIThe House of MacAlpinKing Donald IConstantine I, Caustantin mac CinaedaAodh, King of ScotsEochaid and GiricKing Donald II, Domnal mac CaustantinKing Constantine II or Caustantin MacAodhMalcolm I, or Maelcoluim, son of Donald IIIndulf, King of Scots


Macbeth or MacBheatha mac FhionnlaighLulach 'the Simple'The House of Moray - Scotland


A history of William the Conqueror Duke of NormandyWilliam, known as the Atheling, an Anglo-Saxon term meaning of royal bloodRobert Fitzroy was an illegitimate son of King Henry I 'Beauclerc' of EnglandOdo, Earl of Kent and Bishop of Bayeux, son of Herluin of ContevilleWaltheof of Northumbria, last of the Anglo-Saxon earlsHereward the Wake, the legendary leader of the Saxon resistanceMorcar son of Ælfgifu, daughter of Morcar and Ælfgar, earl of MerciaWilliam Peverel is thought to have been the illegitimate son of William the ConquerorAdeliza or Adelicia of Louvain, daughter of Godfrey I, Count of LouvainMatilda of Boulogne daughter of Eustace III, Mary of ScotlandGospatric, great-grandson of the Saxon king Ethelred the RedelessWilliam II Rufus, third son of William the Conqueror and Matilda of FlandersRobert the Devil, also known as 'the Magnificent' Duke of NormandyMatilda, or Maud, daughter of King Henry I and Matilda of ScotlandRobert de Bellême was a Norman noble, the most powerful vassal of the English crownHenry I, fourth son of William the Conqueror and Matilda of FlandersHenry I's nephew, Stephen of Blois, was the son of the Conqueror's youngest daughter AdelaThe House of Normandy - A history of the NormansEdith of Scotland daughter of Malcolm III 'Canmore' and Saint MargaretRobert Curthose son of William the Conqueror and Matilda of FlandersMatilda of Flanders was born circa 1031, the daughter of Baldwin VWilliam Clito born on 25 October 1102, son of Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy


A history of Henry IIHenry was born on either 9th AugustHamelin de Warenne, Earl of SurreyJoanna, Queen of SicilyThomas of Brotherton, 1st Earl of NorfolkArthur Plantagenet, Viscount LisleThe last king of the Lancastrian dynasty, Henry VIA History of Edward IVEdward V, son of Edward IV and Elizabeth WoodvilleA History of Richard IIIA History of King Richard IIIThe Wars of the RosesPlantagenet - History of the Plantagenet kings and QueensHistory of Eleanor of AquitaineKing Richard I the LionheartRichard Plantagenet, Duke of YorkGeorge Plantagenet, Duke of ClarenceA Tour of Bosworth Visitor CentreThe Remains of Richard IIIEdward, Earl of WarwickA history of Margaret of AnjouIsabella the 'She-Wolf of France'The tumultuous life of Elizabeth WoodvilleEleanor of Castile, or LeonorKing John, son of Henry II and Eleanor of AquitaineA history of Eleanor of ProvenceIsabella of AngoulêmeA history of Anne NevilleHenry, the Young KingJohn of Gaunt, Duke of LancasterPhilippa of HainaultCatherine of ValoisBerengaria of NavarreMargaret of FranceJoan, 'Fair Maid of Kent'Henry III, son of King John and Isabella of AngoulemeEdward of Westminster, Prince of WalesGeoffrey Plantagenet, known as 'the Handsome' was Count of AnjouMargaret, Countess of SalisburyA history of the The Neville FamilyHenry Percy, or 'Harry Hotspur'The Percy FamilyThe Beaufort FamilyThe House of York - History of the house of York kings and QueensLancaster - History of the Lancaster kings and QueensEdward I, son of Henry III and EleanorThe Mortimer FamilyThe de la Pole FamilyCecily Neville, known as the 'Rose of Raby'A history of Henry of AlmainEdward of Middleham, Prince of WalesHumphrey Duke of GloucesterA history of the Woodville FamilyWilliam Marshal, Earl of PembrokeSimon de Montfort, 6th Earl of LeicesterJoan of Navarre, daughter of King Charles II 'and Joan of ValoisEdward II son of Edward I and EleanorMary de Bohun, daughter of Humphrey de Bohun and Joan FitzalanA history of Anne of BohemiaIsabella of Valois the second wife of Richard IIJohn, Duke of BedfordA history of Thomas, Duke of ClarenceHenry of Grosmont, 1st Duke of LancasterA history of Thomas BecketEdmund Crouchback, Earl of LancasterEdmund of Langley, 1st Duke of YorkThe charismatic Edward IIIA history of Edward, 2nd Duke of YorkRichard of Conisburgh, 3rd Earl of CambridgeEdmund, Earl of RutlandJasper Tudor, Earl of PembrokeThomas, 2nd Earl of LancasterHenry, 3rd Earl of LancasterHistory of Richard Earl of CornwallA history of The Holland FamilyA History of William LongespéeGeoffrey Plantagenet, Archbishop of YorkRichard II - 1377-99Geoffrey II, Duke of BrittanyLionel of Antwerp , Duke of ClarenceThomas of Woodstock , Duke of GloucesterKatherine Swynford, ancestress of the Beaufort familyBlanche of LancasterAnne Mortimer, Countess of CambridgeThe Illegitimate Children of Richard IIIRichard Neville, Earl of SalisburyEdmund Beaufort, 2nd Duke of SomersetEdmund of Woodstock, Earl of KentKing Henry, son of John and BlancheIsabel Neville , Duchess of ClarenceLady Anne MowbrayPhilippa of Lancaster, Queen of PortugalConstance of Castile , Duchess of LancasterHenry Stafford, 2nd Duke of BuckinghamHenry, Cardinal BeaufortJohn Beaufort, 1st Duke of SomersetJohn Neville, Marquess of MountaguCatherine of Lancaster, Queen of CastileA history of Eleanor of Brittany

Princes of Wales

A hiostory of the Princes of WalesThe Welsh Crown JewelsGrufydd ap LlywelynJoan, Lady of Wales


Edward VII, son of Queen VictoriaBeatrice, Princess of BattenbergMonacrch - Victoria, Princess RoyalPrincess Helena, daughter of Queen VictoriaPrincess Louise, Duchess of ArgyllPrincess Maud of Wales, Queen of NorwayLouise, Duchess of FifePrincess VictoriaThe Grandchildren of Queen VictoriaAlbert Victor - Jack the Ripper claimsThe Family of Queen VictoriaPrince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-GothaAlbert Victor Duke of Clarence and AvondaleAlexandra of DenmarkHouse of Saxe Coburg Gotha History of the kings and QueensLeopold, Duke of AlbanyAlfred, Duke of EdinburghArthur, Duke of Connaught and StrathearnAlice Grand Duchess of Hesse


Egbert, or Ecgbehrt, the first King of all EnglandEdred or Eadred, son of Edward the Elder by his third wife, EdgivaEdwy, or Eadwig,son of Edmund the Elder and St. Elgiva of ShaftesburyEdgar of Wessex, the second son of Edmund the ElderEdward, son of Æthelflæd, the daughter of Ealdorman Ordmaer.Ethelred II, the son of Edgar the PeaceableEdmund II Ironside King of EnglandEdward the Confessor, the son of Ethelred the RedelessHarold Godwinson, Saxon KingHistory of the The Anglo-Saxon tribesEthelwulf, son of Egbert, first King of EnglandThe Anglo-Saxon ChronicleSaxon - History of the Saxon kings and QueensCerdic was the first king of the Anglo-Saxon KingdomThe Staffordshire HoardÆthelflæd, Lady of the MerciansThe Anglo-Saxon Tribal Kingdoms - The HeptarchyEdgar Atheling, of the ancient Royal House of WessexAlfred Atheling son Æthelred the RedelessThe Sutton Hoo Ship BurialCynegils, King of WessexEthelbald, the eldest surviving son of King EthelwulfGodwin was the son of Wulfnoth Cild, thegn of SussexTostig Godwinson, brother of King Harold IIEdith of Wessex, sister of King Harold IIOffa, an outstanding figure in Anglo-Saxon historyHengist (also spelled Hengest) and Horsa (Hors)The Winchester Mortuary Chests and the Remains of the Saxon KingsEdith Swanneschals, known as Edith the FairEadric Streona was an Ealdorman of MerciaThurbrand the Hold, a Northumbrian noblemanEthelbert, the second son of Ethelwulf and OsburhUhtred the Bold was the son of Waltheof IEthelred I, son of EthelwulfAlfred was fifth son of Ethelwulf of WessexEdward the Elder son of Alfred the GreatAthelstan, son of King Edward the Elder and EcgwynnEdmund I, known as 'the Elder' or the Magnificent, was born circa 921

The Crown Jewels of Scotland

The Crown Jewels of ScotlandThe Crown Jewels of Scotland


Margaret TudorThe House of StewartLady Margaret DouglasHenry Stuart, Lord DarnleyMary of GuiseThe Stewart FamilyAlexander Stewart, the Wolf of BadenochDavid Stewart, Duke of RothesayJames Stewart, Earl of MorayA history of Robert IIIAlexander Stewart, Duke of AlbanyJoan Beaufort, Queen of ScotlandJames Hepburn, Earl of BothwellFrancis II of FranceMargaret of Denmark, Queen of ScotlandMadeleine of Valois, Queen of ScotlandMary of Guelders, Queen of ScotlandA History of James IJames II, son of James I and Joan BeaufortJames III, King of ScotsJames IVJames V, son of James IV and Margaret TudorMary, Queen of Scots


Richard de Clare was the son of Gilbert de Clare and Isabel de BeaumontEngland's first Stuart monarch, James I & VIJames Francis Edward StuartCharles Edward StuartThe Battle of CullodenHenry Benedict StuartThe Jacobite SuccessionThe House of Stuart - History of the Stuart kings and QueensMarie de Medici, Henrietta MariaJames Scott, Duke of MonmouthCharlotte, Duchess of AlbanyThe remarkable life of Nell GwnneCharles I, son of James VI and Queen AnneBarbara Palmer, Duchess of ClevelandLouise de Kérouaille, Duchess of PortsmouthHenry Stuart, Prince of WalesHenrietta Anne Stuart, Duchess of OrleansArbella Stuart, daughter of Charles and ElizabethAnne of Denmark was born on 12 December 1574Mary Beatrice d'Este, daughter of Alfonso IVHenry Stuart, Duke of GloucesterElizabeth Stuart, Queen of BohemiaCatherine of Braganza, daughter of John, Duke of BraganzaCharles II, son of Charles I and Henrietta Maria of FranceLouisa Maria Teresa StuartPrince Rupert of the RhineGuy Fawkes and the Gunpowder PlotThe illegitimate Children of Charles IIThe Monmouth RebellionThe tragic life of Princess ElizabethMary Stuart, Princess Royal and Princess of OrangeAnne Hyde, daughter Edward HydeJames II, son of King Charles and Henrietta Maria.William III and Mary IIThe last of England's Stuart monarchs, Queen AnneJohn Talbot, 1st Earl of ShrewsburyA history of The Third Crusade

Tower of London

The Tower of LondonThe Tower of London in the Middle AgesThe Beauchamp TowerThe Queen's HouseThe Byward TowerThe Bowyer TowerThe Bell TowerTower of London - Traitor's GateTower of London - The Salt TowerThe Chapel of St. John, White TowerTower of London - The Devereux TowerThe Tower in the Tudor EraThe Tower in the Stuart EraThe Recent History of the TowerThe Theft of the Crown JewelsThe Bloody TowerThe White TowerThe Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula and Tower GreenThe Medieval Palace


The first of the Tudor dynasty, Henry VIIElizabeth I, Mary, Queen of ScotsElizabeth Woodville, or Elizabeth of YorkA history of Margaret BeaufortA history of Catherine of AragonAnne Boleyn, daughter of Sir Thomas BoleynA history of Jane SeymourAnne of Cleves, daughter of John IIIHistory of Catherine HowardAS history of Catherine ParrThe spirited Mary TudorHenry VIIMary Boleyn, daughter of Thomas Boleyn, and Elizabeth HowardThe House of Tudor - History of the Tudor kings and QueensArthur Tudor, Prince of WalesPhilip II of Spain, Consort of Mary ILady Catherine GreyHenry FitzRoy, Duke of Richmond and SomersetEdmund Tudor, Earl of RichmondPerkin Warbeck, the second of the Yorkist PretendersThe House of HowardThe larger than life King Henry VIIIThe known history of the BoleynThe Brandon FamilyA history of Lady Mary GreyA history of Reginald PoleEdward Courtenay, Earl of DevonHenry VIII - The Act of SupremecyFact File - the Six Wives of Henry VIIIEdward VI, the only legitimate son of Henry VIIIThe tragic Lady Jane GreyQueen Mary I, or Bloody MaryElizabeth I, one of England's greatest sovereignsThe Tudor Family - Ancestors of Henry VII


Sweyn, known as Tiugeskaeg, or Forkbeard due to his long, cleft beardIvar Ragnarsson or Ivar the Boneless - Viking warlordThe Great Heathen Army and the Formation of the DanelawThe Cuerdale Hoard, Viking treasureNorse mythology stated that at the centre of AsgardThe Viking Kings of YorkThe Battle of Maldon - Viking attacks on EnglandThe Battle of EdingtonGuthrum first arrived in England during the great VikingHistory of Siward, earl of NorthumbriaHalfdan Ragnarsson was the son of the legendary Viking leader, Ragnar LodbrokCanute or Cnut the Great, the son of King Sweyn ForkbeardHistory of Rollo or Rolf the GangerHarold Harefoot, son of Canute 1035-1040Hardicanute, or Harthacnut, the son of King Canute and Emma of NormandyThe Vikings, Norse warriors from Denmark, Norway and SwedenThe Vikings - History of the VikingsHistory of Emma of Normandy was born circa 985Eric Bloodaxe, probably one of the best-known names in Viking historyRagnar Lodbrok was a legendary Viking commander


History of George V, son of Edward VII, then Albert Edward.Prince William, son of Charles and Lady Diana SpencerPrince Harry of Wales son of Charles and Lady DianaPrincess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth IIPeter Phillips, son of Princess Anne and Captain Mark PhillipsZara Phillips daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Mark PhillipsPrince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II and PhilipPrincess Beatrice, the first Princess of YorkPrincess Eugenie of York, grandchild of Queen Elizabeth IIPrince Edward son of Queen Elizabeth IIThe Countess of Wessex began life as Miss Sophie Helen Rhys-JonesEdward VIII, or David, was the eldest son of George V and Mary of TeckLady Louise Mountbatten-WindsorDavid, Viscount LinleyLady Sarah ChattoPrince Richard, Duke of GloucesterPrince Edward, Duke of KentPrincess Alexandra of KentPrince Michael of KentPrincess MargaretJames Mountbatten-Windsor, Viscount SevernPrincess Diana - Conspiracy TheoriesGeorge V son of George V and Mary of TeckThe House of Windsor, History of the Windsor kings and QueensPrincess May of TeckPrince George of CambridgePrincess Charlotte of Cambridge, Elizabeth Diana CharlotteHistory of Rachel Meghan Markle from Los AngelesPrince Louis of Cambridge, child of the Duke and Duchess of CambridgeArchie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, 7th in the line of successionHistory of Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" MiddletonQueen Elizabeth II, daughter of Albert and Lady ElizabethFact File-The Family of Elizabeth IIHistory of Diana, Princess of WalesPrince Charles, son of Queen Elizabeth IIand PhilipCamilla Rosemary Shand, daughter of Major Bruce Middleton Hope ShandPhilip, Duke of EdinburghWindsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world


Arthur, Duke of BrittanyArbroath Abbey - Scottish MonarchsA history of the Balmoral CastleBeowulf the poem - Anglo-Saxon languageOrigins of The Black DeathEdward, the Black PrinceThe Britons of StrathclydeA History of Buckingham PalaceBurial Places of the PlantagenetsBurial Places of the TudorsCharles I at Carisbrooke CastleThe Shrine of St. Edward the Confessor, Westminster AbbeyThe Counts of AnjouDafydd ap GruffyddDafydd ap LlywelynA history of the Domesday BookThe ancestors of William the Conqueror and England's line of Norman kingsDunadd Hill Fort - English MonarchsDunfermline AbbeyHistory of Edinburgh CastleFotheringhay- The Mausoleum of the House of YorkEnglish Monarchs Genealogical TablesThe Massacre of GlencoeThe Great Fire of LondonGruffydd ap Cynan, son of a Welsh fatherGwenllian of Wales, son of Llywelyn the LastThe Princes of Wales, A History of the Princes EnglandHaemophilia in the Descendants of Queen VictoriaHampton Court Palacev- Royal residenceHenry VII Chapel, Westminster AbbeyHever Castle - Royal ResidencesScotland's Historic BuildingsHolyrood House - King DavidHistory of Hywel Dda 'the Good'English Monarchs - History of the kings and Queens of EnglandIona Abbey - ScotlandJane Shore, born London 1445Joan of Arc or Maid of OrleansKenilworth Castle - Geoffrey de ClintonLeeds Castle and Six Medieval QueensLlywelyn the Great- Welsh PrinceLlywelyn ap Gruffydd prince of WalesThe Castles of Edward IMiddleham Castle- Home of Richard IIIThe Monymusk ReliquaryOliver Cromwell, Lord ProtectorThe Order of the BathThe Order of the ThistleOsborne House, East Cowes, Isle of WightThe legendary and charismatic Owain GlyndwrOwain GwyneddThe Peasant's RevoltThe Picts - Northern ScotlandRhodri ap Merfyn hailed as Rhodri MawrRichard III Visitor Centre, LeicesterThe Legend of Robin HoodThe Rout of Winchester 1141The Order of the GarterHistory of the Royal ResidencesThe Wedding of Prince William and Kate MiddletonSandringham estate in NorfolkThe Augustinian Abbey of SconeThe Scots - Gaelic or Goidelic Celtic peopleGenealogical TablesScottish Monarchs - history of the Kings and Queens of Scotland.Sheriff Hutton CastleEnglish Monarchs SitemapSomerled, King of the IslesSt. George's Chapel, one of many beautiful buildings in EnglandRobert II, first monarch of the House of StewartStirling Castle, ScotlandThe Stone of Destiny - An Lia FàilThe Wallace Monument, Cambuskenneth AbbeyWarwick CastleRichard Neville, Earl of Warwick, 'Warwick the 'Kingmaker'Castles of the Native Welsh PrincesWestminster AbbeyThe Scottish patriot William Wallace