The Princes of Wales

Princes in genealogical order

The Principality of Gwynedd emerged in fifth-century Britain during the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons to Britain. Welsh tradition states that Gwynedd was founded by Picts from Lothian invading the lands of the Brythonic Deceangli, Ordovices, and Gangani. The name Gwynedd itself is said to be an early borrowing from the Irish.

From their power base in northwest Wales, the rulers of Gwynedd repeatedly ascended to prominence in Wales and survived Saxon attacks and the construction of Offa's Dyke along the Welsh-English border in the eighth century, Viking raids in the ninth century and widespread power struggles within Wales itself until the eleventh-century kingdom of Gruffydd ap Llywelyn was crushed by an Anglo-Saxon invasion led by the Saxon Earl Harold Godwineson in 1063.

The dynasty was restored by Gruffydd ap Cynan and made a slow recovery. In 1216 Llywelyn the Great of Gwynedd proclaimed the Principality of Wales at Aberdyfi. The pprincipality lasted until Edward I invaded Wales. The brothers Llywelyn ap Grufydd ( circa 1223-1282) and Dafydd ap Gruffydd (circa 1238 - 3 1283), who reigned briefly in 1283 following the death of his brother at the hands of the English, were to be the last rulers of an independent Gwynedd. Thereafter the principality was annexed to the English crown.


Birth and reign


Circa 880 - 950. Son of Merfyn Frych and Nest ferch Cadell

Angharad ferch Meurig

Circa 1007 - 1063 or 1064. Son of Cadell ap Rhodri

Elen ferch Llywarch

Circa 1007 - 1063 or 1064. Son of Llywelyn ap Seisyll and Angharad ferch Maredudd

Eadgyth, daughter of Ælfgar Earl of Mercia

Circa 1055 - 1137. Son of Llywelyn ap Seisyll and Angharad ferch Maredudd

Eadgyth, daughter of Ælfgar Earl of Mercia

Born Circa 1080 r. 1137 - 1170. Son of Cynan ab Iago and Ragnhildr

Angharad daughter of Owain ab Edwin of Tegeingl

Born 1173 r. 1199 - 1240. Son of Iorwerth ap Owain, Prince of Gwynedd

Born 1212 r. 1240 - 1246. Son of Llyelyn the Great and Joan of England

Isabella de Braose

Born circa 1223 r. 1246-1282. Son of Gruffydd ap Llywelyn and Senena ferch Rhodri

Eleanor de Montfort daughter of Simon de MontfortEarl of Leicester

Born circa 1349. Son of Gruffydd Fychan II and Elen ferch Tomas

Margaret Hanmer

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