The Jacobite Succession

British throne

After the death of Henry Stuart, the Jacobite succession to the British throne devolved on the following:-

(1) Charles Emmanuel III, King of Sardinia, 1751-1819 ( great-great-grandson of Henriette Anne Stuart, youngest daughter of Charles I.) The Jacobite CHARLES IV

(2) Victor Emmanuel, King of Sardinia 1751-1824 the Jacobite VICTOR I

(3) Mary Beatrice, Duchess of Modena 1792-1840 MARY III & II

(4) Francis Ferdinand, Duke of Modena 1819-1875 FRANCIS I

(5) Maria Theresa Henrietta Dorothea, Queen-Consort of Bavaria 1849-1919 MARY IV & III

(6) Rupert Maria Leopold Ferdinand, Prince of Bavaria 1869-1955 ROBERT I & IV

(7) Albert Leopold Ferdinand Michael, Duke of Bavaria 1905-96 ALBERT I

(8) Francis Bonaventura Adalbert Maria, Duke of Bavaria b. 1931 FRANCIS II

All of the above, though possessing the superior hereditary right to the throne, were excluded from the succession by the Act of Succession of 1701.