The House of Dunkeld

House of DunkeldAt the dawn of the Middle Ages the House of Dunkeld, in the person of Duncan I (1001-1040) replaced the line of Gaelic kings known as the MacAplin dynasty which had ruled Scotland since the ninth century. Succession to the throne of Scotland gradually changed towards the system of primogeniture (descent of the eldest son) which replaced the Irish-Celtic tradition of tanistry.

The family produced such varying characters as the warlike Malcolm III 'Canmore' (1057-1093), the devout David I (1124-1153) and Alexander I (1107-1024), known as 'the Fierce'. The Dunkeld family could also boast a real saint in its midst in the person of Margaret, wife of Malcolm III 'Canmore' and a descendant of the Saxon House of Wessex.

The House of Dunkeld became extinct in 1286, when Alexander III (1249-1286) died as a result of an accident, leaving only a young granddaughter, Margaret of Norway, to succeed him. Margaret, known as the 'Maid of Norway', died on the journey to Scotland to take up the throne, leaving a number of claimants to dispute their right to Scotland's crown.

Monarchs of the House of Dunkeld

Monarch Born Reign Married

Duncan I
1001, son of
daughter of Malcolm II
& Crinan,
Abbot of Dunkeld
1001-1040 Aelflaed of Northumbria
Malcolm III 'Canmore' 1031, son of
Duncan I and
Aelflaed of Northumbria
1057- 93 (i)Ingeborg of Halland
(ii)St. Margaret
Donald III circa 1033,
son of Duncan I
(deposed 1094)
Duncan II son of Malcolm III and
Ingeborg of Halland
1094 Ethelreda of Dunbar
Edgar circa 1074, son of
Malcolm III 'Canmore'
and St. Margaret
Alexander I circa 1078, son of
Malcolm III 'Canmore'
and St. Margaret
1107-1124 Sybilla,
daughter of Henry I.
David I circa 1080, son of
Malcolm III
and St. Margaret
1124-1153 Maud of Huntingdon
Malcolm IV 'the Maiden' circa 1141, son of
Prince Henry of Scotland
Ada de Warrene
William the Lion circa 1143, son of
Henry of Scotland,
Earl of Huntingdon
and Ada de Warrene
1165-1214 Ermengarde of
Alexander II 1198, son of
William the Lion and
Ermengarde of Beaumont
1214-1249 (i)Joanna of England
(ii)Marie de Coucy
Alexander III 1241, son of
Alexander II
and Marie de Coucy
1249-1286 (i)Margaret of England
(ii)Yvette de Dreux
Margaret 'Maid of Norway' 1283, daughter
of Eric II of Norway
and Margaret of Scotland

Additional Information on the era

The Battle of
Henry, Earl
of Huntingdon
The Battle of
the Standard
David, Earl
of Huntingdon
King of the Isles
The Battle of Largs St. Margaret Maud of Huntingdon, Queen of Scotland