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Britain in the 1800's -Informative and well written, page outlines life in Britain in the reign of Queen Victoria, the site itself contains a great deal of useful genealogical information.

BMD Certificate exchange - offering free exchange on unwanted Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates.

Certificate Exchange - Exchange unwanted birth, marriage and death certificates.

The Clan Duncan Society An interesting site on the history and genealogy of the Clan Duncan, one of the oldest names in Scotland. Based in the Scottish Highlands, the Clan Duncan Society's primary purpose is to bring together all those with the surname Duncan and associated names.

Scotland's Family -The new Scottish genealogy portal for everyone researching their Scottish family ancestors.  Our aim is to point you to free on-line data and information.

Cornish Forefathers - Useful Genealogy links

Census Finder - A Directory of Free Census Records 

Roots Search - Genealogy Portal Online.

Cyndi's List a comprehensive directory of genealogy sites on the internet.


The World of Royalty - royal history, news, and books.

My England Travel Guide Page contains a chronological chart of Kings and Queens of England.

Regnal Chronologies - A highly interesting and informative site.

The Royal Chef - the website of Darren McGrady, royal chef to the Queen and Princess Diana.

Mandy's British Royalty - This British Royalty website is dedicated to the life and work of Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family.

Royalist Online A guide to the royal genealogy of Britain. As its name suggests, the core of the web site is a "royal list": a database that provides biographical details of thousands of individuals who have either belonged to, or been connected with, the royal family of England and Scotland during more than 1,000 years of history.

Marilyn's Royal Blog - An occasionally humorous, always informative blog about British royalty.


William Wordsworth A biography of the great poet

The Internet Shakespeare Editions -contains over 3000 pages ranging from scholarly, fully annotated texts of Shakespeare's plays to multimedia explorations of the context of Shakespeare's life and works, as well as records of his plays in performance.


Barnard Castle, Article on Barnard Castle, County Durham.

Beeston Castle -A guide to Beeston Castle in Cheshire.

Birdoswald Roman Fort -Article on Birdoswald Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall.

Carlisle Castle -A guide to the great medieval border fortress of Carlisle

Chester City Walls -A guide to Chester's fascinating medieval city walls

Conway Castle -Magnificent Conwy Castle, built by Edward I and described as 'One of the great fortresses of medieval Europe'.

Caernarfon Castle -built by King Edward I, following his conquest of Wales.

Clifford's Tower -York scene of a twelfth century massacre.

Dolbadarn Castle - the stronghold of Llywellyn the Great and the native Princes of Wales.

Dolwyddelan Castle -the birthplace of Llywellyn the Great.

Halton Castle -A guide to the Norman Halton Castle in northern Cheshire.

Harlech Castle-a World Heritage inscribed site, founded by Edward I.

Kendal Castle -the reputed birthplace of Henry VIII's sixth wife, Catherine Parr.

Lancaster Castle founded in around the eleventh century on the site of a Roman fort overlooking a crossing of the River Lune.

Pendennis Castle Cornwall -built by King Henry VIII from 1540-1545, as a coastal defence against the French.

Pendragon Castle -Mallerstang Dale, Cumbria

Penrith Castle, Cumbria, once occupied by Richard III

Peveril Castle -The Norman Peveril Castle, set above the picturesque Derbyshire village of Castleton.

Raby Castle, County Durham- stronghold of the Neville family.

Restormel Castle , Cornwall- Home to Edward, the Black Prince

Richmond Castle Yorkshire-Founded after the Norman Conquest.

Tintagel Castle -Spectacular thirteenth century castle which occupies the site of an earlier Dark Age fort, reputed to have been the birthplace of the legendary King Arthur.

Trematon Castle- A twelfth century shell-keep, probably founded by Robert, Count of Mortain, half-brother of William the Conqueror.

York City Walls -A guide to York's city walls


Bangor Cathedral

Carlisle Cathedral

Chester Cathedral

Derby Cathedral

Lancaster Cathedral

Truro Cathedral

York Minster


Prehistoric Sites

Mellor Iron Age Fort Iron Age settlement discovered in the 1990's, occupied from the Bronze Age to the Romano-British period, featuring a reconstructed Iron Age roundhouse.

Fin Cop Evidence of an Iron Age Massacre discovered at Fin Cop hillfort, Derbyshire

Prehistoric Megaliths in Cornwall

Prehistoric Megaliths in Cumbria

Prehistoric Megaliths in Snowdonia

Prehistoric Megaliths in Cheshire

Lindow Man - The discovery of the peat mummy known as 'Lindow Man'

The Dark Ages

The Legends of King Arthur Arthurian legends in mysterious Cornwall.

Hadrian's Wall which marked the northernmost border of the Roman Empire.

Roman Chester A short history of Roman Chester.

The Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia - A short history of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia

Saxon Cross at Bewcastle, Cumbria

Saxon Crosses at Sandbach, Cheshire

Viking Wirral Archaeological and DNA evidence for the Vikings in Wirral

Wirhalh Skip Felagr- Viking Reenactment & Living History for N. Wales, Wirral, Liverpool & Chester.

Medieval History

The Norman Earls of Chester Short biographies of the Norman Earls of Chester

The Dukes of Lancaster,- biographies of the Plantagenet Dukes of Lancaster

The capture of Henry VI at Waddington Hall in Lancashire

The Vernon family -The wealthy and influential Vernon family of Cheshire and Derbyshire

The Alliance of Medieval and Renaissance Empires - a nationwide non-profit organization which provides a forum for learning about the Renaissance and Middle Ages.

Queens-Haven Publications Presents and promotes the research of Lincolnshire historian and lecturer Marilyn Roberts, who produces carefully researched and extremely well written books on a number of aspects of medieval history and the family of Queen Victoria.

Dan's Medieval Center - An eclectic listing of informational sites, mostly regarding Medieval European history and culture.

The death of Edward I at Burgh by Sands

The Wars of the Roses - Detailed information on the Wars of the Roses, including battles, warfare, Richard III and other important people.

Medieval Weaponry A comprehensive online shop selling all things medieval and historical.

The Medieval Europe Directory -Useful search engine covering Medieval Europe

Tudor and Stuart History

Tudor History - Containing lots of information on the Tudor Dynasty

Tudor Dynasty - the magazine of the Tudors

Elizabeth I - Information on the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth I, including biography, quotes and chronology.

Elizabeth Tudor -interactive website on Elizabeth I

Lady Anne Clifford -A biography of the Tudor north country heiress

Kendal Castle - the birthplace of Henry VIII's sixth wife, Catherine Parr.

Shap Abbey The history of Shap Abbey, dissolved by Henry VIII.

Henry Tudor - Go and see a real working Henry VIII in action. There you will find 180 questions answered, 200 kits for children to make and 100's of pictures of Henry VIII in the 21st century.

Threads - The reincarnation of Anne Boleyn, the well written William Faulkner Competition finalist for best novel. Website contains a lot of interesting Tudor facts.

Edward Tudor - the website of Edward VI

Mary Tudor - Interesting and well written site on the life and times of Mary Tudor.

Mary Tudor - interactive website of Mary I

Mary, Queen of Scotland - illustrated website of Mary Stewart, Queen of Scots

Bess of Hardwick the formidable Elizabethan Countess of Shrewsbury.

Mary Queen of Scots imprisonment at Tutbury Castle- article on Tutbury Castle and the Scottish Queen's imprisonment there.

Lady Jane Grey - Lady Jane Grey, the nine day queen

Lady Jane Grey Internet Museum - Highly interesting site containing a large collection of images of Lady Jane Grey and her life experiences.

Lady Jane Grey Reference Guide- A useful site containing a great deal of reference information on Lady Jane

Some Grey Matter - A highly informative website on Lady Jane Grey.

The Pendle Witches- The notorious Pendle Witch Trails during the reign of James I.

The Massacre of Barthomley Civil War skirmish at Haslington and massacre at Barthomley in Cheshire.

The Battle of Rowton Heath- Civil War battle near Chester

The Massacre of Barthomley Civil War skirmish at Haslington and massacre at Barthomley in Cheshire.

The Plague Village of Eyam Derbyshire village that imposed isolation on itself when the bubonic plague broke out there in August of 1665.

General History

Actual Education- Explore, experience and enjoy historic cities from the comfort of your home computer!

The British Civil Wars- An excellent and informative site on the British Civil Wars

Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire The Georgian Duchess of Devonshire, famous for her affairs, debts and political campaigning.

A history of Cumbria- History of the county of Cumbria, the site includes sections on the historic buildings, castles, stately homes and prehistoric sites in the county.

History of Chester A short history of Chester.

A history of the Welsh Language or Cymraeg, a form of ancient Brythonic Celtic

Heritage Britain A Historic journey around Great Britain including the Channel Islands and The Isle of Man

History Home - If you are interested in English History then this site is for you.

The Website of Drummond Window The Queen's Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard

The Great Fire of London -Interesting account of the Great Fire of London.

TimeTravel-Britain - your online destination for historic Britain.

Historical Re-enactments

Buckingham's Retinue - Wars of the Roses medieval re-enactment group who aim engage, entertain and educate the public and share their love of history.

The Medieval Combat Society - a medieval reenactment group. The object of the Society is to have fun whilst entertaining the Public and generate an interest in British history.


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Travel and Accommodation

England Travel Guide: Information on England UK Travel. Trains, Buses, Cambridge, Bath, London & other cities. Travel information on Europe.

Pictures of England: Explore the beautiful english countryside, picturesque villages, and historic towns of England.

Nights in the Past - Stay where the great figures of history have lived and rested. Hotels, inns and other accommodation of historic importance throughout the UK. Go time travelling...

Gerstone Hotel - Small hotel in Newquay, Cornwall, UK.

UK Studentlife Study, work or travel in the UK. British culture and life

Arms and Armour

Arthur's Armoury Medieval Gear for the Modern Knight.

Collective Coins

Collectable and Commemorative Coins from the Royal Mint


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