Burial Places of the Tudors

Henry VII

Henry VII Died 21 April 1509 (aged 52) at Richmond Palace, England, of tuberculosis.

Burial Place -Henry VII Chapel, Westminster Abbey.

Spouse - Elizabeth of York, died in childbirth, on February 11th, 1503 (aged 37) . Buried at Henry VII Chapel, Westminster Abbey.

Henry VII

Henry VIII

Henry VIII died on 28 January 1547 at Whitehall Palace, aged 55. He probably died of chronic heart failure.

Burial Place - St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.

Spouse -

(1) Catherine of Aragon- died of cancer, on 7 January 1536 (aged 50) at Kimbolton Castle, England, buried at Peterborough Cathedral.

(2) Anne Boleyn- beheaded in the Tower of London, on 19 May 1536 (aged 28-35), buried at St. Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London.

(3) Jane Seymour - 24 October 1537 (aged 28) at Hampton Court Palace of puerperal fever following childbirth, buried at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.

(4) Anne of Cleves - died at Chelsea Old Manor on 16 July 1557, (aged 41) most likely of cancer, buried at Westminster Abbey.

(5) Catherine Howard - beheaded in the Tower of London,13 February 1542 (aged 19/20), buried at St. Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London

(6) Catherine Parr died 5 September 1548 (aged 35-36) at Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire, buried at St Mary's Chapel, Sudeley Castle

Henry VIII

Edward VI

Edward VI Died 6 July 1553 (aged 15) at Greenwich Palace, of tuberculosis

Burial Place - Henry VII Lady Chapel, Westminster Abbey.


Lady Jane Grey

Beheaded on 12 February 1554 (aged 16-17) at the Tower of London

Burial Place - St. Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London.

Spouse - Lord Guildford Dudley - beheaded on 12 February 1554 at Tower Hill, London buried at St Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London.

Henry III

Lady Jane Grey

Mary I

Died on 17 November 1558 (aged 42) at St James's Palace, London, possibly from ovarian cysts or uterine cancer

Burial Place - Westminster Abbey.

Spouse - Phillip II of Spain died on 13 September 1598 (aged 71) El Escorial, Spain, buried at El Escorial.

Elizabeth I

Died - 24 March 1603 (aged 69) at Richmond Palace, Surrey,

Burial Place - Westminster Abbey