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Burial Places of the Plantagenets

plantagenet arms

Henry II

Died 6 July 1189 (aged 56) at Chinon Castle, of a fever while being defeated by his son, the future Richard I and Phillip Augustus of France.

Burial Place - Royal Abbey of Our Lady of Fontevraud, near Chinon, Anjou.

Spouse - Eleanor of Aquitaine, died 1 April 1204 (aged circa 81-82) at Fontrevaud buried at Royal Abbey of Our Lady of Fontevraud

Henry II

Tomb of Henry II

Richard I 'the Lionheart'

Died on 6 April 1199 (aged 41) at Châlus, Aquitaine of Gangrene or gangrenous necrosis after acquiring a crossbow wound in the left shoulder at the siege of Châlus.

Burial Place - Royal Abbey of Our Lady of Fontevraud, near Chinon, Anjou. His heart was buried at Rouen Cathedral

Spouse - Berengaria of Navarre- died 23 December 1230 (aged 59–65) buried at the Abbey of L'Epau near Le Mans

Richard I

Tomb of Richard the Lionheart

King John

Died on 19 October 1216 (aged 49) Newark Castle, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire of dysentry while fleeing from a French invasion

Burial Place - Worcester Cathedral in front of the altar of the Saxon St Wulfstan.

Spouse (i) Isabella, Countess of Gloucester - died 14 October 1217 (aged c. 43) buried at Canterbury Cathedral (ii) Isabella, Countess of Angoulême died 4 June 1246 (aged c. 57-58) buried at Royal Abbey of Our Lady of Fontevraud, Anjou.

King John

Tomb of King John

Henry III

Died on 16 November 1272 (aged 65) of an unknown illness.

Burial Place - Westminster Abbey.

Spouse - Eleanor of Provence died on 24/25 June 129, buried at the Abbey of St Mary and St Melor in Amesbury.

Henry III

Tomb of Henry III

Edward I

Died on 7 July 1307 (aged 68) at Burgh by Sands, Cumberland, of dysentry while launching an invasion of Scotland.

Burial Place - Westminster Abbey.

Spouse - (i) Eleanor of Castille died on 28 November 1290 (aged 49) Harby, Nottinghamshire buried at Westminster Abbey (ii) Margaret of France died 14 February 1318, buried at Christ Church, Greyfriars, Newgate

Edward I

Edward II

Died - murdered on 21 September 1327 (aged 43) at Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire after being deposed in favour of his son. Death was due either suffocation or a red hot poker was inserted into his entrails by means of a horn, to leave no outward marks on his body.

Burial Place - Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucestershire.

Spouse - Isabella of France died on 22 August 1358 (aged 62-63) at Castle Rising, Norfolk, buried at Grey Friars' Church, Newgate

Edward II

Tomb of Edward II

Edward III

Died - 21 June 1377 (aged 64) at Sheen Palace, Richmond after suffering a stroke.

Burial Place - Westminster Abbey.

Spouse -Phillipa of Hainault died on 15 August 1369 (aged 55) at Windsor Castle Buried at Westminster Abbey

Edward III

Tomb of Edward III

Richard II

Murdered around 14 February 1400 (aged 33) at Pontefract Castle, Yorkshire after being deposed by his cousin Henry of Bolingbroke. Cause of death unknown. His skeleton was examined in 1871 by Dean Stanley of Westminster but showed no marks of violence. Starvation was the most likely cause, although this has never been proven.

Burial Place - Westminster Abbey.

Spouse -(i) Anne of Bohemia died 7 June 1394 (aged 28) at Sheen Priory, London, buried at Westminster Abbey. (ii) Isabella of Valois died on 13 September 1409 (aged 19) at Blois, Loir-et-Cher, France, buried at the abbey of St.Laumer,Blois, exhumed in 1624, and transferred to the church of the Celestines in Paris.

Richard II

Tomb of Richard II and Anne of Bohemia

Henry IV

Died on 20 March 1413 (aged 45) at Westminster Palace, London of unestablished illnesses. Hemay have been suffering from leprosy or some other form of skin disease. There are a range of theories regarding his attacks of illness which range from epilepsy to cardiovascular disease.

Burial Place - Canterbury Cathedral, Kent.

Spouse -(i) Mary de Bohun died on 4 June 1394 at Peterborough Castle, Northamptonshire buried at the Church of St Mary de Castro, Leicester. (ii) Joan of Navarre died on 10 June 1437 (aged circa 66-67) at Havering-atte-Bower, London buried at Canterbury Cathedral.

Henry IV

Tomb of Henry IV

Henry V

Died on 31 August 1422 (aged 35) at Château de Vincennes, Vincennes, France of dysentery, contracted during the siege of Meaux.

Burial Place - Westminster Abbey.

Spouse -Catherine of Valois, died on 3 January 1437 (aged 35) in London, buried at Westminster Abbey.

Henry V

Tomb of Henry V

Henry VI

Murdered in the Tower of London, on the night of the Vigil of the Ascension, 21st -22nd May, 1471. Due to controversy over the manner of his death, George V gave permission to exhume the body of King Henry VI in 1910. The skeleton was found to have been dismembered before being placed in the box and not all the bones were present. Light brown hair found matted with blood on the skull confirmed that Henry VI had died as a result of violence.

Burial Place -Originally buried at Chertsey, his body was exhumed by Richard III and reinterred at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle

Spouse Margaret of Anjou died on 25 August 1482 (aged 52) in Anjou, buried at Angers Cathedral.

Henry VI

Tomb of Henry VI

Edward IV

Died on 9 April 1483 (aged 40) at Westminster. In his later years, due to over indulgence, Edward IV had gained much weight. He fell ill in March 1483 after catching a cold on a fishing trip on the Thames at Windsor, which is believed to have developed into pneumonia.

Burial Place -St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle

Spouse -Elizabeth Woodville died 8 June 1492 (aged 55) at Bermondsey, London buried at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.

Edward IV

Tomb of Edward IV

Edward V

Date of death unknown but believed to have occurred the end of the summer of 1483. At a distance of more than five hundred years it is impossible to state with certainty who was responsible for ordering the murder of Edward V and his young brother, all that can be said with certainty is that rumour was rife at this time that they had been done away with and that they were never seen alive again. In 1674, workmen employed in demolishing a staircase within the Tower of London, leading to the chapel of the White Tower, made the discovery of the bones of two children in an elm chest, assumed to be the bodies of Edward V and his brother Richard Duke of York. Charles II, then the reigning monarch, had a white marble container made to contain the bones which was placed in the Henry VII chapel at Westminster Abbey.

Burial Place -Westminster Abbey?

Spouse - none

Edward V

Bones of the Princes in the Tower

Richard III

Killed in battle at Bosworth Field, Leicestershire on 22 August 1485 (aged 32)

Burial Place - Originally buried at Greyfriars, Leicester, after the re-discovery of his skeleton, lost for centuries, Richard was reinterred at Leicester Cathedral on 26 March 2015.

Spouse - Anne Neville, died on 16 March 1485 (aged 28) at Westminster, buried at Westminster Abbey.

Richard III

The Remains of Richard III

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